Spend a day at this Balinese style Spa and relax your mind and body for full rejuvenation. Apart from the sauna, Jacuzzi and pool, experience the Atzaró de Luxe massage… You’ll feel transported! This boutique rural hotel is set in a stunning location and pays extra attention to detail in its décor and services. Food is great. Expect quite a small menu of extremely fresh dishes or have some sushi at their Japanese bar. Whether you’re staying at the hotel or not you can comfortably make use of what it has to offer at any time… plus there are always interesting events taking place at Atzaro, including a weekly gathering on the Sundays where you’ll be able to have a drink and dance to the beat of some of the hottest local Dj's.
For stunning natural scenery head towards the west coast to view the magical island Es Vedra. This 400m tall rock has been object of mystery for thousands of years. It’s rated as one of the top 10 magnetic hot spots in the globe. Watching the sun sink behind Es Vedra is one of the most beautiful scenes you’ll watch in Ibiza. There’s a couple places from which you’ll be able to admire Es Vedra and one of them is Cala D’ort, but we invite you to be a little adventurous and stroll around the countryside to find your favorite spot…. You’ll be able to see it from the road so use your Scout skills! If you’re up for a real adventure then across the bay (and rather hard to reach) is Atlantis (so-called in the island)… It’s the quarry from which the Phoenicians extracted the building blocks of Ibiza town’s cathedral. You’ll have to walk, climb and slide down a massive sand dune that leads to this mysterious place where full moon parties are hosted and spiritual souls dance till dawn. The beauty of this place is that it’s hidden, so we won’t reveal its exact location.
 The name Café Del Mar is worldwide known for its successful CDs. It is actually a Café right on the coast that opened its doors in 1980. The breathtaking sunset accompanied by a weird décor and mix of classical and jazz music, creates an amazing atmosphere. You will find yourself amongst many other sunset lovers but don’t worry, the beauty will captivate you!
 One of the coolest day activities is to get on the ferry and make it to Formentera (the neighboring island) for the day. The ferry’s depart from Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia and will cost you around 30euro, more or less depending on the speed of the ferry. They usually depart every half an hour or so and If you hop on the fast one you’ll be there in about 35min. The best thing to do is to rent a motorbike or bicycle (if you’re fit enough) so that you can explore the tiny island and it’s different beaches and landscape… It’s very flat and small which means roads are straight and you’ll take 10-15 min from one place to another. The beaches we’ll recommend are Arenals for its smooth sand and clear waters and Illetes, which is the more ‘in’ beach with a couple restaurants and beach shacks that provide music and food. It’s a pleasure to be in Formentera as its laid back atmosphere will take over you and you’ll be able to relax to the max… some have called it the Caribbean of the Mediterranean sea.
 Feel like a tattoo or a piercing while visiting the island? Then hand your body to the good hands of Neil Ahern. This talented artist has tattooed people like Jade Jagger, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs to name a few. A real professional with a small but perfect studio for the job… but please… If you want a heart that says ‘I love You MUM’ this is not your man… hand a specific part of your body to this artist if you want a one off piece of art that will stay with you for a lifetime.
 There are a couple charters to Formentera that will offer a day of full entertainment… DJ’s spinning all the way to your destination and back, BBQ at the beach, Beautiful surroundings and the crystal clear waters of Formentera… what more could you ask for? You’ll be partying all day (with around a hundred people) on a catamaran boat for a fairly reasonable fixed price (usually)… Just make sure you don’t forget the sun lotion or you’ll return back as red as a crab!
 Yes! It sounds weird to battle in Ibiza! But the truth is you can have great fun in this place. 50,000m2 of countryside!...and to level down your adrenaline after battling, there is a big area to relax by the pool, a Vietnamese BBQ, drinks and good music. Not bad! It’s always cool to shoot down your friends… but be prepared to end up with a couple bruises that could spoil your image at the beach!
 Stroll around San Miguel’s hill to the charming old Church area where you’ll find shops and studios of international fine artisans that have chosen this historic location to present their work.
Something that is very much appreciated nowadays is the fact that most of their collections are unique one off hand crafted pieces… In an age of ‘clones’ you’ll be able to regain your unique appearance with the one off leather, jewelry and clothing pieces you’ll find here.
 If you’re on the island with a couple friends and feel like you need a little adrenalin you can visit one of the 2 Go Kart tracks available… One near San Antonio and another on the Ibiza-Sta Eulalia road… You’ll find a couple options to suit your desire of speed… get on the 400cc kart and you’ll be skidding your way around the course! On the San Antonio course you’ll also be able to rent the mini-bikes that will make you look like a giant on a scooter but that are surprisingly fast and fun to ride. We recommend you make it in the later afternoon/evening if you don’t want to sweat you’re a** off… or maybe on an unfortunate grey day.
 A famous 20-year-old charming Café ideal for breakfast, pre-party or post-clubbing gaps (open 22 hours a day). Situated in the fruit and vegetable old market and beside Dalt Vila’s drawbridge. It’s an ideal spot, one of the best if you want to get an idea of the laidback feeling of Ibiza living.
Freshly baked baguettes with tomato and cured ham, buttery croissants, brownies, lemon meringues…a really tasty selection of pastries. Forget about your diet and indulge!
 Las Dalias ( Since 1954) has become an iconic Ibiza institution. An enchanting hippy market with around 100 stalls set up in a lovely garden, a place where one can understand the spirit of Ibiza’s hippie culture. This is a perfect choice for a Saturday afternoon. There is as well a Night Market at Las Dalias on Mondays & Tuesdays where you can find fine art craft and live music… a unique vibe. And…there is as well the famous Namasté party, where Las Dalias becomes a scenario for international artists playing live and Dj’s spinning Trance on Wednesday nights. Dine one of the exotic vegetarian dishes that the restaurant has to offer and enjoy this informal and spiritual atmosphere that only takes place in Ibiza.