Situated at the very south of the island, Salinas is one of Ibiza’s iconic beaches. For years it has been a place for trendy people to gather and get a tan whilst they listen to music. The crystal clear waters, the sand dunes behind you and a fresh fish for lunch at SA TRINXA (with great music and show offs to stare at) make a perfect beach day… or at least an entertaining one as you will see all kinds of people… from ‘posers’ to families and from hippies to celebrities. A couple things to take in to consideration are that you will have to pay for parking (roughly 5 euro) and that the prices of the ‘chiringuitos’ (beach bars/restaurants) aren’t exactly cheap… might not be the place to go if you’re hungry and on a budget… but definitely a beach you should visit.
Located on the west of the island, the clear waters and landscape make this beach truly spectacular! There are three stretches of sandy beach with flat rocks between them forming sort of terraces where you can also set your towel (go all the way to the left if you’re a nudist). It is equally stunning during the day or at sunset where you can watch the sun disappear, from the rocks or at ASHRAM where you can enjoy a cocktail or taste their gourmet dishes of Mediterrasian cuisine to the rhythm of chill-out music.
Cala Jondal (turquoise water) ,is the place to go if you want to immerse yourself in a sophisticated/ relaxed atmosphere… It’s essentially a pebbly beach but some of the bars/restaurants have invested in creating an artificial sandy strip (with real sand!) so their customers can lie down and access the water without risking their physical integrity on the slippery pebbles! BLUE MARLIN is `The Beach Club`(VIEW MAP)… where you could be sunbathing beside Leonardo DiCaprio or enjoying some sushi beside Naomi Campbell… (and yeah you guessed it right, It’s not exactly cheap!) but there are a couple options like Tropicana or Yemanja (which are more child friendly) and where you can have a nice meal by the sea, get a massage or order a drink from your comfortable padded sun bed. (check our night section for some info on the parties held in Cala Jondal)
This is the beach where you’ll find the Ibiza hippy atmosphere… It’s another of Ibiza’s iconic beaches, that has seen how generations of freedom seekers and hippies enjoyed the peace and quiet of this magical spot on the island. It has modernized since then and you’ll find a selection of restaurants/bar that range from the typical Spanish fish/paella dishes to some fresh fruit smoothies and pizzas…
It’s very tempting (if you’re fit enough) to swim in its unbelievable clear water all the way to the striking rock in the dark blue sea… It’s a tradition! Or you could rent a pedal boat and explore the deeper waters.
Don’t miss out the hippy drummers on Sunday afternoon, you’ll watch the sun set with a tribal music sound track, its something you won’t experience anywhere else.
An attractive beach with foamy white waves (from where it gets its name) and smoothe sand. It’s a beautiful beach that attracts a very varied crowd (and there’s a nudist area on the right side of the beach for those interested). It’s located on the East of the island and the hills behind it will make it shady from 5-6 onwards, so you might want to make it a relatively early beach day to make the most out of it (and make sure you get a parking place). Have a delicious Mediterranean lunch at the only restaurant there, a paella or if you feel like something light the salads and hot sandwiches are delicious (Oh! And don’t leave without tasting their homemade ice cream!) If you go to the far right side of the beach you’ll find a small “chiringuito” which sells some nice rolls and beverages.
This is a very protected sandy cove perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Here you’ll encounter the natural beauty of an unspoiled bay, so if you wake up one morning with a naturist mood head your way to Cala Salada! You can also make it a bit of an adventure and climb your way to the far right of the bay where there’s a small sandy strip (it’s not complicated to get there, but it wont be suitable for older people) or swim around to try and find the underwater fresh water spring (you’ll notice the sea is suddenly very cold!). Parking is a bit of a nightmare so we recommend you make it early or late to this beach.
Playa D’en Bossa is probably the largest beach in Ibiza…White sands, clear waters and easy access make it a very popular beach and quite a touristy one too as it’s surrounded by many hotels and resorts. However, It’s the beach that provides the visitor with most entertainment and options for food and drink.
If you’re searching for a comfortable beach bed with waiter service and fancy fresh market fish and seafood then your place is NASSSAU BEACH CLUB. If you want to dine at the beach with style and Luxury try LA PLAGE… French wine and Sea food!
The other place to go is USHUAIA hidden between sand dunes, a chic place to relax, enjoy a massage and taste their appetizing gourmet dishes and salads. On a similar note but in a more relaxed fashion you’ll find SIROCCO which offers you Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian touch at a decent price… and finally if you’re up for something a little more informal (and cheaper) try DELANO’S or SANDS where you can eat a proper burger, salad or pasta dish amongst other things. It’s worth spending a beach day at Playa d’en Bossa… It’s closeness to Ibiza town makes it very accessible, also by taxi or bus, which has to be something to take into account.
This is a very pretty beach with smooth sands, that is very well kept and always clean. It’s an ideal beach to visit if you’re on the island with kids as it has a very relaxed feel to it and chances are you wont see anything out of order or be exposed to any kind of danger. Enjoy a simple Sandwich and Sangria from the small beach shack, made with local bread and ingredients, under the shade of the pine trees that surround the beach. Very pleasant and chilled out.