This is a small selection of the bars and areas of the island where you can have a drink and spend some time before getting an early night or, most likely, heading to a club! There are many more but you should check these out!
This is a square right next to Vara de Rey (Ibiza Town’s main square) where you’ll find food, drinks and good vibes. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of the cafes is your favorite… We recommend you stroll around the square and sit down wherever feels best. You’ll be able to order a beer, a fresh juice or smoothie, a cocktail or a quick bite to eat…quality is good but service can be a little slow. It’s a pleasant ambience which is at its best in the evening after sunset, which makes it a good option for a drink before dinner in town, or a casual stop after a long walk around town…It’s a relaxed, non-pretentious atmosphere that welcomes all kinds of people. You can also try heading this way for breakfast or a light lunch when in town.
Café del Mar is probably the one you’ve heard about thanks to their super successful musical franchise… however there are more cafes/bars which give this area of San Antonio the name of ‘sunset strip’. Basically, it’s San Antonio’s place to be after a day out at the beach, or an early start of the night. Be prepared to find hordes of people watching the sunset and cheering as it disappears behind the horizon… all of this to the beat of (usually) a top DJ providing a teaser of what you will be able to hear that same night at one of the main clubs. Mambo brings to you Dj’s such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Roger Sanchez and many more with the pre-parties of their night’s at Pacha and Amnesia…Savannah brings to you some killer visual entertainment; fire acrobatics, dancers, jugglers… and Café del Mar is one of Ibiza’s trademarks with their chill out music and relaxed vibes. There are other slightly less charismatic options along the strip such as Kanya or Sunsea bar (to name a few) that are a little further up the bay but offer the same views and are usually less crowded. Most of these bars will be open until midnight and sometimes go beyond that curfew.
This is a vintage looking Bar found at the ground floor of one of Ibiza’s oldest buildings outside the old town. It’s got the feel of a jazz café, probably because it’s a live music venue and you’re likely to catch some live ambient music… Piano, vocals, percussion and sax… Something along those lines… or if you’re lucky you’ll catch the owner showing off his impressive piano skills. Reasonable prices and right in the centre of Ibiza Town.
This is a stylish lounge bar which takes up the rooftop of Sa Punta… a well known restaurant owned by Pacha. Freshly made cocktails, Champagne, Morrocan Tea and more… all of this with luxury views of Ibiza’s old town and the Talamanca Bay and soft music… very pretty at sunset and nighttime. A nice place to take your lady (or man) for a romantic drink after dinner; you can take over one of the beds and relax to the max whilst the efficient service takes care of the rest. If you’re conscious about $ then this may not be the best option for you.
If you’re in Ibiza town and feel like having a couple drinks after dinner, this bar is a good option. It’s towards the end of the port and it’s a little more relaxed than the bars you’ll encounter on the way there. Here there will be no ‘bar-hustlers’ offering you the cheapest deals or trying to capture your attention by any means. You can sit outside and have a beer or mixed drink (not so much of a cocktail bar but they will cover the basics) or enjoy some ‘Hierbas Ibizencas’ to be a little more ‘Ibizenco’! You’ll be hanging out with locals and tourists alike and the 22 years this bar has been around give it some sort of authentic feel.
It’s a similar setup to the Rock Bar as they’re just a couple dozen meters away from one another… nevertheless the vibe is a little different. You’ll be having a drink on some uncomfortable stool looking at a massive cruise boat docked in front of you and gossiping about the extravagant people that pass by…. It’s actually quite entertaining and it’s better than it may sound. It’s a cool place to have a drink before going to a club, and you’ll be able to talk and socialize rather than shout and dance like you would in a club.
The aim of this venue is to provide the visitor with an all night experience…and it does that pretty well; you can go for a gourmet dinner, sip on a mojito whilst you listen to some chill out, and then go for a little dance in the small club. The outdoor area is basically a garden with plenty of seating and Arab looking tents with couches and low tables… It’s where you will spend most of the time. Go up to to the bar order a nice cocktail (or whatever you feel like) and look for your favorite corner to sit and enjoy your drink whilst you chat to the rhythm of ambient music. It’s an ideal alternative to a club when you’re looking for a relaxed night out… Low lighting vs. laser beams, chill music vs. pumping house music… sounds good for a change!
This is one of Ibiza’s signature spots… a narrow pedestrian street that runs parallel to the port and that overflows with life and extravagance. Located in the old quarter its small shops with hand crafted clothing, cocktail bars, gay bars and ‘x-rated’ bazaars provide a very entertaining walk after or before dinner in town. It could be rated 18 and over (although it’s really not that bad) but it’s definitely a unique street where you could find souvenirs and clothing that you wont anywhere else on the globe… The same can be said about the small streets packed with shops around this area. You should reserve an evening to stroll around and bask in the unique atmosphere.
This is essentially a restaurant but also aims to provide you with a complete entertainment experience. It’s perfectly fine to turn up after dinner (elsewhere if that were the case) and sit at the bar area to sip a delicious cocktail and submerge in a ‘Mediterrasian’ experience (as they call it!)… The décor is heavily influenced by Ancient Thailand but still conserves the Ibiza feel; Low lighting, a lot of Bamboo and chill out music are the vehicle to transport you to a different state of consciousness… where you could find yourself wondering what time it is after loosing track. You will also find a clothes shop, an erotic bazaar and a small club area decorated like a ‘lost temple’ with pornographic glow-in-the-dark inscriptions… It’s definitely a cool place but not the cheapest. You’ve been warned.